Information for Competitors:

There will be a skippers meeting held by Head Judge, Matt Pritchard, at the start of each day going through the system:

This is a wave contest, so you need to be able to do both wave riding and jumping.  You will be judged on three factors; wave riding, jumping and overall impression. Weight of each will be determined day of, depending on conditions.

The competition will be run in a double elimination format, giving all sailors the opportunity to sail at least two times as long as conditions permit.

Once all the competitors have registered, (no later than June 16th) heats will be formulated randomly for each division.

Heat Order is written with no breaks until the finals have been run. Divisions are intermixed so there may be Masters heat 1-8 followed by Women’s heats 1-8, then Experts heats 1-8 then back to Masters for heats 9/10/11 etc…This is organized so the finals of each division occur back to back at the end (this keeps the media/camera crew happy).

The contest will run on a Rolling clock with heat length to be determined each day.  There will always be 2 min between heats.  It is a good idea to have a watch with a repeating countdown.

One blast air horn = Heat start. Two blasts= Heat over

Red flag up: Sailors in Heat 1 have 2 mins till they start.

Red flag down/Yellow flag up: Sailors in the first heat have 1min till they start.

Yellow flag down/Green flag up: Start of a Heat.

Green flag down: Shows the competitors on the water that they have 1min left to go

Red flag up: The heat is over and the two-minute countdown to the start of the next heat begins…. and so it carries on and on.

Next to your name on the heat board will be a letter that represents the color ribbon you should have. Take the correct color ribbon from the beach marshal before your heat and attach it to the end of your boom or the top of your sail. Go out for your heat and then please bring your streamer back to the heat board area when checking for your results.

Competition Sailing Area: two flags on the beach define the competition sailing area. The Judges scaffolding will be somewhere between the two. Do your best tricks in front of the judges scaffolding. 

Getting your result: By the time you’ve walked back upwind with your gear to the heat board area, your result will be in from the Judges via a walkie/talkie.



Starboard Tack has the right of way

First rider has wave. Don’t share waves

When traveling in the same direction, you must give way to sailors in front of you

Never leave rig unsecured.



Be courteous when you win and dignified when you loose

Always have fun

Respect others

Be humble